What Is God? (Continued)

laitman_219_01God does not exist unless you reveal Him. Because otherwise you simply claim that He exists without any basis, and, of course, you cannot imagine what He is like. Even if you observe all His desires, which are written in the Torah as commandments, they are His commandments and orders to you, but they don’t actually describe Him.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah God is called Bore, the Creator, from the Hebrew words “Bo – Re” – “come and see,” which means something that is attained clearly, seemingly by our sight, which is the most accurate sense.

Other than this attainment, before a person attains anything, when the Creator’s image appears in one’s feelings, the root of everything that we attain in our corrected attributes and especially to the extent that we correct them according to our own style, which is not attained by us, is called Atzmuto, Himself. This name emphasizes His disconnection from us. Because of our lack of attainment and connection to us, it is as if He does not exist.

Kabbalists also emphasize that they attain the Creator anew each time according to their changing attributes, “Bo-re.

I stress this because there is a great difference between saying that there is a Creator and attaining Him according to our equivalence of form to Him, which is what the wisdom of Kabbalah calls Creator, and which is what the Creator expects of us.

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