Union Concluded At Mount Sinai, Part 3

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureThe disciples continued the work of Abraham and developed his method. But in the meantime, their egoism grew more and more, meaning they became enslaved by it and found themselves in the Egyptian exile. The evil Pharaoh who rules over them is revealed.

This doesn’t mean that they moved to Egypt physically. But they felt that the evil force within themselves had gained such power over them that they couldn’t cope with it.

The egoism became much more powerful than the good force that was left in them from the times of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The evil force erupted and it was impossible to hold it back.

The children of Israel wanted to come together, work on their unity,  and draw the good force, but they couldn’t. This brought many sorrows upon them and sparked internecine strife. Eventually they realized that they just must run away from this evil force. Allegorically it is said that the children of Israel fled from Egypt, from the slavery of the Pharaoh.

They succeeded in disconnecting from the evil force, but nothing else. They didn’t know how to attract the good force yet. And only once they disconnected from the force of evil did they reach the good force and begin to reveal its hidden presence between them. The force of evil remained, but they already knew how to protect themselves from it, i.e., the mutual hatred.

They realized that they were standing around Mt. Sinai, a mountain of hatred (Sina) and that to cope with this negative force was possible only through revelation of the positive force.

Mt. Sinai is a mountain of hatred that is revealed within each of us. In every person in this group is an ability to raise a special force, a desire, a special yearning above his hatred. It means that they connect between themselves and rise like Moses, meaning Mashiach, the one that pulls (Moshech) them from the egoism and ascends the mountain.

Through this common force, by their joint efforts, they are able to rise above their hatred. This way they attain the upper positive force of nature and feel that it has created everything and controls everything. And it also created the evil inclination in a person specially so that through it, through the negative force that is opposite to the positive force of the Creator, he would reveal the good force and would exist between these two forces.

And when they rise above all their hatred and reach contact with the upper force, which is called Moses ascends Mt. Sinai, they feel that because of this fact their egoism grows even more. It turns out that at a time when one of their forces rises to the top of the mountain, the second force builds a golden calf at its base.

However, the main fact is that they discovered the good force of nature and from this moment on it is possible to be in contact with it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/16

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