A Secret Covenant With The Higher Power, Part 2

Laitman_167Question: What kind of a connection is there between the meaning of our existence and the attainment of the higher power?

Answer: This is the most primal force of nature. It is higher because it is specifically what manages everything; it is the power of bestowal and love that spreads around it all that is within it: its energy and fulfillments. It specifically created the power of reception to fill it and lead to a unique level of existence.

The power of bestowal is whole because it doesn’t require anything, and the power of reception that was created by it is very limited and poor because it always lacks something but is unable to get what it lacks by itself.

Question: People have become accustomed to imagining the higher power, the Creator, as some kind of personality with whom we have made a covenant and that now accompanies us. It is difficult to perceive this simply as a form of energy, as something that is inanimate.

Answer: Is it truly difficult to imagine this? Even in our physical world, there are a multitude of different forces that are unknown to us. So, why is it so difficult for us to perceive the existence of the higher power? On the contrary, besides forces, nothing else exists.

All that I see around me are forces that are shaped within my perception in the form of physical images that seemingly exist: the nature of the still, vegetative, animate, and human. However, in principle, all of these are manifestations of the same power.

Question: How do we enter into relationships with this power?

Answer: This is the power of desire. When we create a relationship with someone, in this manner, we use our energy to move away or connect, to approach, to create contact. In reality, only one force exists and nothing more besides this. This conclusion has even been reached today by physics, a purely material science.

Upon deeper investigation, matter that we observe disappears; it exists only in our perception. The entire world we feel is a figment of our imagination. Only forces that act upon and influence our brain exist, painting in it a picture that seemingly is placed in front of us. However, all of this is the result of the work of forces, like an image on a computer screen.

Question: And each one of us is also a force?

Answer: A person is only the force of reception. However, this force is composed of different forces of reception that are linked in various kinds of relationships, and therefore all people differ from each other. The force of reception is the force of the desire to receive.

A person is a desire to receive, but he has many desires for various fulfillments that are intertwined. Each one has his particular combination that is typical of men, women, children or adults. Yet, in fact, this is only a desire to receive pleasure from all kinds of possible sources.

Question: So, what do we mean when we talk about a connection of the Jewish people with the higher power?

Answer: Abraham taught people how to attain the goal of life, the general program of nature, if they had a desire for this. This is possible if a person attains the power of bestowal that is found above us, and it is possible to attain it on condition that we build relationships between us that will be similar to the force of bestowal. For this, we must attain love for others like love for ourselves, mutual love.

To the degree that we begin to discover such forces of love, unity, and mutual sharing between us, then, within them, we discover the power of bestowal.

Question: If we create relationships of love and reciprocity between us, then, within them, we discover the same higher power with which, as we say, the Jewish people made a covenant? What is this higher power?

Answer: This is the higher power of love and bestowal, a desire to do good for others from our power of love. People who have a connection with the higher power are called the Jewish (Yechudi) people, Jews, because they understand that there must be unity (Yichud) between us and the higher power.

The power of reception is given to us from birth, and it is very great specifically in these people. Therefore, they are called “stiff-necked people.” However, we understand that it is necessary only so that with its help we discover the power of bestowal. The power of egoism burns within us and distances us from each other, forcing us to search for the power of bestowal, connection.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/25/14

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