An Obligation To Rise Together With The Whole World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Abraham was the first Kabbalist. He gathered people around him who supported him and developed in them an ability to see the forces that manage the world. Does this mean that they could seemingly rise above the normal flow of life to another height and from there see the forces that manage everything?

Answer: Yes, they knew how to manage the world, and so they understood how it was necessary to be included in this management and to guide the whole world in the best way towards the goal, just like pioneers who lead everyone after them. The potential was given to the Jewish people to manage the world in the most desirable way, bringing it to correction, to complete redemption.

The complete redemption means that the higher power has been revealed to its full and complete extent to all of humanity and in all of still, vegetative and animate nature. Managing the world means teaching and helping it to advance towards this final and wonderful state. This is management through the power of love.

Comment: Management is generally perceived in a negative way.

Answer: This is because they could not hold their position at a spiritual height and raise themselves to the management of the whole world. Instead they fell from this height. And so all the forces that acted on them in a wonderful spiritual form, became negative. As long as the people of Israel are found at certain height, it is higher than everyone else. But when it falls, it is below all other people.

Question: Is there hope that this people will rise?

Answer: This is not even a hope, but an obligation. The mission has not been removed from the people of Israel, and thus it is obligated to carry it out. If this were only just an option, then the Jewish people would be indistinguishable in any way from the rest of humanity. History has seen many people who were exiled from their land, scattered among other peoples, and disappeared.

But the Jewish people have remained in spite of everything, because they are obligated to fulfill their mission.

Question: You use words that are customary in religion: prayers, complete redemption, and the like. Does this mean that ultimately all people must become religious and move towards Judaism?

Answer: No, this is not about religion, but about all people connecting into a single sphere without any difference between them. Everyone must be included within it according to his nature, his internal forces, and he must connect with all the rest with ties of absolute love and complete bestowal.

When attitudes like these are revealed among everyone, then within our connections, within this entire sphere, we discover the Creator, the overall power of bestowal and love. There is no connection to religion in this. Our world in general will rise above all material and exist only on the level of desires of reception and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/25/14

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