Union Concluded At Mount Sinai, Part 2

Union Concluded at Mount SinaiAdam was the first person who discovered the upper force of nature. There were many generations of his students after him, to whom he passed the method of revealing this good force and using it to compensate for the negative force within a person.

Twenty generations after Adam a man called Abraham was born in the ancient Babylon.

A very interesting state developed in Babylon. Previously Babylonians lived happily and peacefully by managing to contain their negative egotistic forces. They were leading a quiet and peaceful village life. And suddenly an evil force of the growing egoism erupted between them and blew up this tranquility.

At that time a wise man, a local priest called Abraham lived in Babylon. He tried to understand what happened to Babylonians and discovered that it is necessary to attract a good force hidden in nature in order to balance with its help a negative force of egoism. Abraham discovered that it is possible when people unite between themselves, despite hatred and enmity for each other. If they sit together and try to reveal a good force between them above all evil forces, they receive it and with its help neutralize egoism.

Abraham improved Adam’s method by adding to it the ability to actively retrieve the positive force from the depths of nature, and began to teach this method to Babylonians. He urged them to correct the situation and stop the hatred. Many responded to his call and began to study. Babylon was divided into two halves: those who were able to hear Abraham and accept his method and those who were not.

Then Abraham took his disciples and led them out of Babylon to the land of Canaan. Thus was formed a large group of his followers who later called themselves Israel, according to their aspiration straight to the Creator (Yashar El). They strove to the good force that they could attract and with it balance their life.

And also, through the connection of these two forces, they began to see a new picture of the world, the way we see with two eyes. They saw what is hidden behind an external picture of the world that is given to us from birth, penetrated into this picture, discovered the mechanism of nature, the forces that affect us, and began to actively work with them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/16

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