“The Great Deception: Resettlement Of Muslim People In The Guise Of An Immigration Crisis”

Laitman_408Opinion (inosmi.ru): “When the resettlement of peoples is portrayed as a crisis related to refugees, it is the main reason we help and do not betray the weak. For the next four years, the government plans to bring another 100-125 thousand migrants from the Middle East. The government is behaving as if immigration -is a kind of natural disaster, which can not be stopped. The truth is quite the opposite: immigration – is a political catastrophe that can stop tomorrow. …

“Every time on the news or in debates you hear the word ‘refugee’ and ‘immigration crisis,’ you can be sure that you are being misled. This is done either by those who do not know what they are talking about, or – and it’s even worse! – they really know but prefer to use the wrong concept.. …. The word ‘refugee’ hides the fact that we are dealing with a permanent migration of peoples, and not with some transient migratory crisis. …

“When the refugee prefers to leave the camp and secure the country’s status, in the UN their status is changed from refugee to economic migrants. And the same rights are not guaranteed to economic migrants. In fact, economic migrants means illegal migrants in the country that the person either crosses or where he stops. So, why is the press, politicians, experts and participants in the debate in our country still talking about refugees, if we hardly have taken …  countless migrants, i.e., illegal immigrants? …

“Why do politicians and the media continue to deceive the public, making it think that you’re helping or allowing immigration to Europe, or you’re just cold and cynical? We can imagine several explanations. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that politicians and the press from the heart believe that Europe one way or another should swallow this monstrous Migration. But it is -. … the EU over the years has agreed with immigration for fear of falling birth rates in Europe.

“Instead of paying attention to the circumstances that lead to a drop in the birth rate, the rate was made up with immigration. And first with those from the Middle East, including Turkey. In 1992, immigration has exceeded the natural increase of the EU population.The total number of residents in the 28 EU countries has grown from about 400 million in 1960 to 500 million today. In 2014, immigration ‘contributed’ to 85% of the increase in the population. Thus, immigration – is the EU’s strategy, although Danish politicians can hardly recognize it officially.”

Answer: The mistake the EU is making is hoping that the refugees’ mentality will change. However, in fact, the opposite actually will happen. The Moslems will force Europe to convert to Islam, and this actually will happen during one generation. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Ishmael (the son of Abraham and the father of the Islamic nation) will conquer Europe at the end of times and then will set on his journey to Jerusalem.

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