Crossing Of The Red Sea (Yam Suf), Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the crossing of the Final Sea (Yam Suf – the Red Sea)?

Answer: The crossing of the Yam Suf means that only one who is really able to move to disconnection from any personal interest, from any thought about himself, and who wants to detach Pharaoh from himself, and to run away, escape from Egypt, only for these people the sea parts.

Question: What is the “sea”?

Answer: The sea is those waters, that powerful force (Gevura), and that law of nature that with egoistic thoughts and intentions you cannot cross to the perception of reality that exists in altruistic intentions and thoughts outside of you.

Question: Why this sea is called Suf (end – final)?

Answer: Because this is the end of the power of Pharaoh, the end of Egypt. The end of the so-called “this world”; everything else is part of the future world.

Question: What does it mean that the sea splits into two halves?

Answer: It is really a miracle, a miracle of the exodus from Egypt, because the special force, which is called GAR of Hochma in the wisdom of Kabbalah, is operating here. The waters of the sea, these powerful forces, split in the middle; it means that the force of bestowal passes between them.

We are talking about the internal forces of a person. After all, this is not about people standing on the seashore but everything that happens inside a person. He suddenly feels that here he has an opportunity to get away from the control of the Pharaoh, to rise above him, and then the waters that he sees as a powerful force part in front of him.

Waters are not only the beautiful force of Hassadim, meaning mercy. Waters are also a powerful force. For some desires, the waters part, for others, they close and drown them.

Question: So how does the sea “split in the middle”?

Answer: The sea splits by the force of faith when I am ready to go above my knowledge, above my feelings, when I want to go according to universal bestowal, the all-inclusive force of love, the law that operates in the entire system as a counterweight to my current personal egoistic system.

And suddenly a miracle happens when I really can connect to the common system with my small sphere and see the whole system. And in my small sphere I see a real miracle when part of my desires can connect to the universal force of bestowal, to the common soul, and part of them “are drowning in the sea,” meaning, they undergo a special correction when they “drown,” and then due to it, they awake and begin to correct themselves.

Question: Does the strength of man’s faith force the sea to split?

Answer: Yes. If I agree for this to happen, really agree and am ready to pay for it with my slavery and my escape, then a miracle happens. This is called a miracle because it happens to me, not according to the order of degrees, but suddenly and not according to the order of cause and effect. Although when I reach such a state it definitely happens.

There are laws that apply. You come to a point where if you satisfy these conditions, a miracle happens to you as well, like to any other person. So why is it a miracle? Because you can’t imagine how it happens. But you can reach this point where a miracle will happen.

Question: You were saying that we live inside such a program that draws us like laser beams; all that we see around us, in fact, does not exist and there is only a thought that plays a movie in front of us…

Answer: This is our life, the game of imagination.

Question: What is the crossing of the Yam Suf in this movie?

Answer: It is detachment from our egoism and affiliation with a common system that we see, feel, and become included in. Integral desires, thoughts, and capabilities that are common for the entire system are revealed in us. We understand everything that happens in the world from end to end, how we need to behave, and how from this moment on we reach the goal that is common for the entire system where finally we can answer the question, “What are we living for?” The crossing of the Red Sea is a transition to a new vision of the side of this system that is projecting this movie to us.

Question: What is the condition for a person standing in front of the Yam Suf (the Red Sea) to be able to perform a miracle that the sea will part before him and he will enter this upper thought that projects the entire reality to us?

Answer: The requirement is very simple! He must join Moses, that thought and that desire within him. He must listen to his voice and just be adhered to him without scrutiny, criticism, without anything! Just to follow him!

Moses is the quality of bestowal and love, the union between all, meaning the group where we realize this method. Only unity! With its help we escape the Pharaoh who wants to divide us all.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/21/16

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