China: Bribery Is Punishable By Death

laitman_547_06Question: China has defined the minimum size of a bribe for which the death penalty is given: 3 million Yuan or 463,000 US dollars. In accordance with their gradation of the amount of money, defined as “large,” “huge,” and “enormous,” the court sentences various terms of imprisonment or the death penalty.
Does the Torah permit the death penalty?

Answer: Yes. There are four types of death penalties mentioned in the Torah: burning, strangling, stoning, and decapitation. These all stem from spiritual roots. In ancient times, death sentences were so rare that it was considered an unusual event. We can count very few cases in which Jewish people were sentenced to death during the thousand years before the nation of Israel received the Torah. During the 70 years there was one death sentence and this period was considered barbaric.

In those days the Sanhedrin made the final decision regarding a punishment. But the case was heard over many years, discussed so thoroughly for so long that individuals would die, and then the case was closed. However, these laws are hardly suitable for other nations because the Jewish nation is based on spiritual principles.

I don’t know if the world needs a death sentence today, but I have no doubt that there is a need for compulsory education all over the world. Humanity is affected by egoism that develops like a virus and infects everyone, from small children to the elderly. We are not aware of the many layers of the egoistic membrane that are wrapped around each of us. We don’t feel one another and treat each other according to values that are totally incompatible with the right desirable communication between people. The world is deteriorating, and if we don’t start some kind of spiritual human social educational, it will become totally barbaric. The whole problem is us.

Question: How can we reeducate all of humanity that is now 7-8 billion people? It sounds like a fantasy.

Answer: It is impossible to educate seven billion people, but it is possible to reeducate the 3-4 million people living in Israel. If the Jews really understood that the fate of the world depended on them and that they are facing the threat of annihilation, the threat of another Holocaust, all our problems would be solved. I have been saying that for many years, but lately global problems are increasingly manifesting: problems in UNESCO, in the UN, the elections in the US, problems in the EU common market, in Russia, in Syria, and everywhere.

We need to finally open our eyes and see that we are responsible for all these terrible egoistic revelations. We have to explain this to the Jewish people because the whole world will turn to us and demand an answer, demand compensation for the centuries they have suffered as a result of our lack of understanding and our reluctance to fulfill our mission.

As for the death sentence in China, it is also related to us. All the evil in the world on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and the human level results from the behavior of the Jewish people, and so the world is beginning to turn to us through its subconscious hatred toward us, demanding that we reexamine our conduct. We should take things seriously, and then things will be better for us and for the whole world! There is no other way.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/19/16

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