Carl Jung About The Main Danger

laitman_232_02Comment: In one of the last interviews the BBC conducted with psychiatrist Carl Jung, he said: “We need more understanding of human nature, because the only danger that exists is man himself — he is the great danger, and we are pitifully unaware of it. We know nothing of man — far too little..”

Answer: The human psyche – is the source of all that awaits us in the future. I am sure that just as we shifted from mechanical to electronic machines in the past and from electronic to computerized machines, now is the time to gradually shift from computerized systems to three-dimensional technologies and instruments and we will gradually discover that this is not what we should engage in at all.

All this is external and crude, while we have to engage in our system, in the internal human being that is inside us.

Inside us are all the secrets of nature. The world is attained and depicted in a person.

We also see this in numerous studies that have been conducted especially on astronauts. There is a great amount of data regarding the changes in a man’s psyche while in space, when returning to earth, etc., which have no scientific basis.

But more reliable data is gradually accumulating about how a person’s hearing and sight totally change when the conditions a person is in change. He can see a sandbox in which kids play from a distance of 300 kilometers, and he can suddenly hear what his friends who are next to him think. So we have to study man who contains all the secrets of nature.

Advancing toward the lower levels of nature—animate, vegetative, and inanimate—is an unnatural direction in the evolution of science. Science has to develop higher! And above man there is only his soul. This is what a person attains by himself. It is actually from his mentality, from his psychology, that he can find the way to the next level.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the highest psychology. It tells us which levels of attainment man is made of and which levels of attainment in him still have to develop, and it tells us exactly how to ascend through these levels, from the feeling of this world, which we see and build inside us, to the feeling of the upper world, which we also have to build inside us. This is the whole problem.

It has nothing to do with wars. Playing with weapons, tanks, and planes are just kids’ games. We have to put an end to that because humanity needs to aspire to something more intelligent and more important.

I still hope that there will be a breakthrough in the right direction and that we will stop thinking about a third world war. Wars don’t solve anything anyway, just as crises don’t.

So let’s engage in the most sublime matter we can, in the human soul.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/12/16

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