Hero Among Heroes

laitman_221The Torah, “Numbers,” 35:30: Whoever kills a person, based on the testimony of witnesses, he shall slay the murderer.

This refers to anyone who killed a person in himself. For example, I am an animal, but through spiritual work, a human appears in me. However, I have such negative properties that kill this human in me, and I constantly need to be a self-righteous judge, clearly defining: this is the human growing in me and this is the property contrary to it that wishes to destroy it, to kill off . So I have to protect him.

Thus an inner drama is constantly played out in a person, and it is very interesting to participate in it. But it can be done only with support of the surrounding society.

Question: How do I catch my internal killer?

Answer: Only if you arrange a society around yourself that is also engaged in spiritual work and constantly maintains the appropriate atmosphere that constantly impacts you.

And then it will not be hard for you; you will live it, selecting, analyzing, and playing all these states inside yourself! Constant identification of the correct (positive) and negative qualities will become a great pleasure, as if a tree of life is growing inside you and all negative qualities become positive in it and give it vital juices.

In the beginning “killers” appear as willing to do harm, but the correct attitude toward them creates qualities from them that protect the tree of life and give it nourishment.

Then the person is called a “hero among heroes,” converting all negative qualities into positive.

After all, negative qualities don’t exist; we ourselves must make them positive.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/16/15

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