Writing By Hand: A Thing Of The Past

Laitman_519Question: We all know that more and more students use laptop computers to take notes during lectures, and don’t use a pen or pencil anymore. Psychologists Pam Miller from Princeton and Daniel Oppenheimer from the University of California, Los Angeles, studied 67 students and proved that those who take handwritten notes were better students who perceived the material better and retained it for longer periods of time than students who type do it more mechanically.

Answer: Of course, a person who writes also writes the letters in his mind since the letters are symbols that are depicted first in a person’s mind and then are presented on paper.

It is hard to remember letters that are typed, but when you write them, they are retained in our memory more easily because you draw them. This is the reason that writing, and especially reading a text from a book, is totally different from typing or reading on a computer screen.

Question: Is there a spiritual element here?

Answer: Not only is there a spiritual element, but a physical element as well. We must process the material, and this can happen only when we read the printed material or material that is written on paper, not material that is presented electronically, although those are the same letters that are in the book.

With regard to writing, everything is perfectly accurate and clear. People who write develop new habits. They develop new abilities to acquire knowledge and integrate ideas. However, when you type a text by hitting the keyboard, these symbols are not recorded in our brain.

Question: Still, there is no going back to the notebook and the pen.

Answer: We don’t need it. Today, there is no point in people writing for themselves because there are no good ideas.

The world already is advancing toward recognizing its worthlessness, toward recognizing the need for general correction.

We are about to see a general revolution in our attitude to the world that will reveal everything we must do and how to do it. We will discover how to write, how to read, how to speak, how to act, and most importantly how to be connected to one another. It is all in order to discover the real world inside us that we don’t yet feel.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/10/16

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