Reading, This Is No Longer Our Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, in the beginning period of correction, people have stopped reading books. In what form will they receive the source writings?

Answer: Today, the writings from the primary sources can be conveyed to the world only in visual form.

People truly have stopped reading because they cannot and don’t understand what is written. This is not by chance. I am not saying this in any way to the disparage the generation today, this generation was born specifically to receive visual information. It is difficult for it to transform letters into something understandable and something “digesable” for themselves, and in general, it is not prepared to “swallow” the old-fashioned education.

It’s too bad about the time that a child passes at school. They simply destroy him there, as if they are trying to install an old program in a computer of the new generation that is not accommodated to it. He will not accept and absorb it; he cannot do this “gathering work” for himself. For children, it is left as a net “mechanical” comprehension and not even of the material itself but of the attempts to insert it into them. The approach to the information is itself incorrect. It is not adapted to the new laws of “information entry.” It is not given for absorption and understanding and processing.

Today, the visual display holds the first and only place. The era of books has ended. This is not because people don’t want to read; they cannot read. Today, what is appropriate for people is a format of headlines. They are ready to comprehend only a few lines before their eyes and more than this, they simply don’t see. So, what can we demand of the younger generation?

The advantage of the visual approach is in this: It makes it possible for a person to comprehend the information on several levels. This is not only a “picture.” Rather, it is also speech, writing, and reading to a small degree, also music, and so forth. Therefore, basically, this is not talking about just a visual form. Rather, together with the picture through the main channel of comprehension, a person also receives additional sources, and for this he is ready.

On the other hand, the materials of the wisdom of Kabbalah are specifically the opposite. People will read it in such a form as it is written and in particular, by Baal HaSulam who rewrote and adapted it for our generation. Primary sources will be required, as before. Someone who will want to penetrate inside and dig there independently in spite of it all will have to turn to the books of the Kabbalists.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/17/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Exactly correct this post. The visual approach (movies, videos) evokes easier understanding. as well as emotion. as it stimulates many senses. It makes for a great introductory tool. However, for full understanding and depth, you simply must read or, if that is impossible, listen to the texts being read…and then re-read them again and again, asking for explanation along the way, until each nuance is fully embedded. Therefore, the books are a beautiful necessity.

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