Open The Door To Tomorrow

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world is reaching the state of wanting to become unified! It has to become unified as a result of the revelation of our inner desire due to nature’s demand. That is why our mind is starting to develop and we invent things that help us hear each other from a distance. That is how we invented the radio 150 years ago. It was just 150 years ago! Then the television appeared less than 100 years ago and people invented the cinema in order to create the illusion of motion. Then, around 25 years ago we reached the developed of the Internet connection.

All of this is a result of our desire which develops and demands greater integration and unity among us. This desire develops and we cannot stop it. It demands constant, unceasing, and universal interconnection, 24 hours a day, all over the world.

200 years ago a person would travel to somewhere and then he would return. During his absence of a month, for example, he did not know what was happening back home. But today this is impossible! In addition, books have disappeared. It takes too long for someone to write, print, and send it, and then for someone to read it…. Newspapers, the news, and everything will happen at the speed of light, at the speed of electronic connection. All of this is caused by the need for our correction!

Our nature is being revealed as a single, integral system, forcing us to be connected together. What happens in one place is immediately continued in another place and everything around begins to be set aflame. Who throws the match that ignites the whole world? No one! It’s happening because we are connected among each other in our inner desires.

If you compare the beginning of the year to its end, you will see the whole world totally interconnected. After all, we have to advance towards the general correction, to become as one man with one heart, to attain the state where we are in the world of Infinity, to reveal the single force of connection among us.

That is why we have to develop our Kabbalistic television and Internet resources in this way, so they would be as interactive and live as possible. Live broadcasts must take place around the clock and people should be calling each other from the whole world in all the languages so no one would feel any separation or difference between anyone. This has to happen live, rather than being recorded ahead of time and pulled out of the archive. That way the information won’t be perceived as “dead,” but everyone will feel that it is live! Your desire lives in the present and no longer perceives what you did yesterday. It has changed, but you are trying to sell it something that’s already dead.

People will feel this so acutely that they won’t be able to watch movies! You will feel that you are not impressed by a movie that used to excite you or make you cry. You will see that this does not affect you because it was filmed several months ago, so it’s no longer live! Everything has to happen at this very moment. I am giving you my sensations, while the external form that helps us be virtually connected with one another is just a means to attain the inner connection from heart to heart! If we could do things in this way, we would achieve success in disseminating the science of Kabbalah!

This is what the whole world is yearning for. It doesn’t even know that yet, but this is exactly what it desires. A person who understands this and knows how to tell the world the right things from his heart, how to tell the world about the things it aspires for, and to do so in a way that’s not only current today, but also tomorrow to some extent—that person opens the door to tomorrow!
From the lesson on the weekly Torah portion on 2/10/11

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