New Life #569 – Israeli Society: Hatred Of The Rich

New Life #569 – Israeli Society: Hatred Of The Rich
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Society changes according to the development of the human ego. Once the rich were respected, after that they hated them. The hatred of the rich is often led by educated people among the upper ten percent. In Israel, the situation is unique because we haven’t lived together as a single society for the past two thousand years. We haven’t gone through the entire process in Israel that Europeans have gone through, for example, with all of their revolutions and changes.

The social phenomena that are occurring in Israel have not been typical for the Jewish people at all. In the Diaspora, the Jews supported each other, helped each other, didn’t steal and lie to one another.

In this country, we are passing rapidly through processes that have happened in Western nations over hundreds of years. Economic disparities will only worsen until we begin to re-educate ourselves toward connection. Education for connection among the general public will radiate new values even among the rich on top.

The nature of education for connection will permeate the entire nation since all of us are connected in a linked network. Only education for connection will initiate a real revolution, a standard forceful revolution will not be beneficial in any way.

Today, the public feels that the rich are stealing from them and exploiting them, so they hate them. As a result of education for connection, the wealthy will themselves want to contribute more to society as a whole.

Through the tendency to connect, the public will recognize a new benefit, a new fulfillment—the discovery of the upper force, a new life. This is not just a fulfillment through the clothing of wealth, property, or honor; this is fulfillment through Light.

To gain this exalted fulfillment, fulfillment through Light, a person must be connected correctly to others. Hatred of the wealthy will stop only when they work together with the poor to build a united society.
From KabTV’s “New Life #569 – Israeli Society: Hatred Of The Rich,” 5/14/15

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