New Life 697 – Laws Of Niddah And Purity

New Life 697 – Laws Of Niddah And Purity
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

We move from one phase to the next when correcting our ego and this is the reason that there is also a special cycle in nature. In this cycle there is the moon, the sun, and the earth, which are branches stemming from spiritual roots, from upper forces.

Once we were one soul and then we were shattered to pieces. Our correction is to connect with love. Every egoistic desire to receive that has not been corrected yet is called a woman, and a corrected desire is called a man, stemming from the Hebrew word to overcome. Different customs in our world are merely a replica of the spiritual states that we have to undergo in the correction of the ego.

Every monthly cycle symbolizes new egoistic desires that come up and demand their correction to bestowal. We count seven clean days after the monthly period, and then the desires are ready to couple with the Upper Light. In spirituality the blood during the monthly period symbolizes the revelation of the Dinim (judgments), which are difficult egoistic desires.

The impure blood and bathing in the Mikva symbolize the receiving of the Light of Hassadim after which it is possible to receive the Light of Hochma, the semen. A man’s soul that has developed from the semen develops in the womb and its nature is a desire to receive. One can receive only if he becomes a conductor, like a pipe, for others. If the Light identifies that a person is clogged, it doesn’t go through him.

The correction is to open one’s self with love. The corrected desire that opened itself for the Light to flow unto others is called a corrected woman in the coupling. Everyone is considered a woman first, and thanks to overcoming the ego, they become men. The seven clean days symbolize the corrected Lights, which are the forces to bestow and to love. The groom the bride is intended to couple with is the general force of love that fills all of reality. At the end, all the cycles and corrections reach the great coupling of the end of correction.
From KabTV’s “New Life 697 – Laws Of Niddah And Purity,” 3/1/16

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