The Future Of Tourism

laitman_441Comment: Only 290,000 tourists visited Israel in October, a drastic decline compared to previous years. It is also reported that the current wave of terrorism not only stops tourism but also the medical tourism that has been highly developed in Israel.

Answer:  The fact is that the so-called medical tourism in Israel came mainly from Russia and the Russian-speaking regions. Now their economic situation is much more difficult.

So I think the issue is not whether it is safe here or not. Israel, compared to other regions, is a much safer place.

Medical care in Western Europe is highly developed and so very few come to Israel for medical treatment. Interestingly, citizens of neighboring Arab countries come to receive medical treatment in Israel, particularly not advertising it, including relatives of Hamas leaders. Politics and business are always more important.

The situation in the world is simply getting worse. There are more problems, diseases, poverty, overcrowding; everything is becoming more condensed. It is felt everywhere: in culture, art, and the Internet that is becoming more and more flat. Previously the Internet was a star, and today it isn’t.

The world is gradually fading. But this is natural because we have to transcend to the next level, but haven’t yet. The current level has already become obsolete; it has been exhausted.

Therefore, if we don’t change voluntarily, the problems and afflictions will force us to begin to change our world into a more universally connected world, a world in which we resemble nature, the world where we want to enjoy more sublime values rather than shallow corporeal pleasures.

I saw tourists in Western Europe and all over the world 20, 30, and 40 years ago. Even 10 years ago these were cheerful people traveling, hiking, visiting sites.

But today it is all over. Tourism has exhausted itself and has become outdated. Young people don’t need this; they see everything on the Internet; they aren’t interested in castles and cathedrals. Tourism has grown old. If there are any tourists, they are mainly the elderly. The elderly slowly die, and young couples aren’t interested.

Question: What will tourism turn into?

Answer: It will disappear. People’s demands change, and if they change, it means that the past becomes tasteless. You can give them money, but they won’t spend it on a trip. So all these luxury hotels, tourist attractions, planes, and everything related to tourism will gradually disappear. We can shut down the Ministry of Tourism without a problem.

Question: What about trips and journeys to spiritual worlds?

Answer: There will be a demand for that! Contact our tour guides, we are organizing such journeys.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/29/15

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