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laitman_596Question: On January 21st Tel Aviv celebrated National Hugging Day along with many in the world, a day of whole world hugging started in America 30 years ago.

They say that ten seconds of hugging per day lowers blood pressure and relieves stress, etc. Could this be the solution to all problems?

Answer: It could be, but only if we decide to embrace more than once a year, not without a reason, but with the intention of making the world a better place, all of together in every corner of the world.

If it were constantly advertised in all the media and huge organizations worked to encourage us to do this, because otherwise it is all just contemptible and empty, then it would be possible to feel the upper force in the yearning of the world.

There is no doubt that the upper world would be revealed to us in direct proportion to everyone’s hugs and smiles toward each other.

We would have direct access to best existence of the highest levels, and all of the evil in our world would disappear. But this is only if we constantly think about this and yearn for a connection between us internally.

Hugs are an external action that must be combined with an intention to transform the world for the better. Then everything would take care of itself and succeed.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/22/16

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