A Baby Under His Mother’s Heart

laitman_232_03_0Rabash, “The Matter of Truth and Faith”: The form of Ibur (conception), which is the level of smallness, is its real form. But because it doesn’t have only smallness, it is considered a deficiency, and wherever there is a deficiency in Holiness there is a hold of the Klipot (shells). Then the Klipot can lead to a miscarriage, which means that the spiritual embryo will fall before it has completed its phase of conception. Therefore there has to be a delaying factor which is what gives it the phase of wholeness, meaning the phase of greatness, because an embryo is its mother’s thigh (part of his mother), so the conception is not called by its own name. This is the reason that the embryo eats whatever his mother eats, which means that everything that the embryo receives is in the mother’s vessels. Therefore even if the embryo doesn’t have vessels which are fit to receive greatness, it can receive in the vessels of the upper, which is its mother, because it totally annuls itself before its mother and has no entity of its own.

This is called the phase of Ibur, when it totally annuls itself before the upper and then when it receives greatness it is in a state of wholeness, and therefore there is no hold of the Klipot. This is the reason it is called the delaying force. Therefore this is safeguarding that the embryo will not fall in spirituality like a miscarriage of an embryo in corporeality, as the corporeal mother has to maintain her embryo, so that nothing will go wrong, God forbid, and it is the same in spirituality.

It is difficult to explain the spiritual state of the embryo, since in the corporeal world we only see the external form and external phenomenon and don’t know which internal forces operate both in the mother and in the embryo. The embryo has to be in a state of wholeness; otherwise, it cannot grow. The embryo cannot grow under conditions of restriction, pressures, and deficiency. It has to receive everything the mother has.

Although there is a whole system that takes care of the embryo, it is connected to the mother’s body. This means that the embryo needs to have the power to annul itself before the greatness of the upper level. Then it will feel itself in a state of wholeness and thus will be able to grow.

The upper opens itself a bit more each time for the embryo, and the embryo has to close itself more and more and to receive from the bottom up, in rejection and at the same time also in a state of wholeness. We can see that two opposites are integrated here.

Although the embryo is totally inside the mother, it doesn’t use its desires, but annuls them and is in a state of total devotion to the mother, and thanks to this it grows.

It advances gradually from one level to the next. The upper opens up a bit more Light for it, and the embryo, on the one hand, uses its desire to receive because it grows this way.  But it uses the desire to receive from the bottom up, without receiving inside it and rejecting everything in bestowal. Each time he is with a greater force, a greater desire to adhere to the upper.

We have to try to clarify all these details in the workshop. Although it is difficult, we need to make increasingly greater efforts in order to get closer to this state and enter it as much as we can. A spiritual embryo is our next level, which we must ascend to.

In fact we have already reached it. It is actually good that we find it hard to imagine it; we feel confused and unable to understand it. This resistance will help us hold on more strongly to the small details that are close to us.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/14

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  1. Beautiful…need to watch this lesson.. Plus it is certainly moving to believe that something like this might actually exist.

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