Justifying The Title Of The Chosen People

laitman_281_02Question: I am a Christian. For 2,000 years we murdered Jews in the name of Jesus, and that is our fault.

I am a coordinator of a work group that conducts Jewish-Christian dialogue in Russia. We come together with the “Russian – Jewish Conference” to places where there have been mass murders of Jews and erect monuments there on which, “Forgive Us” is written.

Today is the time to confess and express regret to the Jewish people for what we did. Now Europe is harvesting exactly what it did 2,000 years ago when the Jews were expelled and sent to the gas chambers. So there has apparently been a price of repentance and regret to the people of Israel, the “chosen people.”

Answer: Regarding the Jewish people being the “chosen people,” I would say that this must be justified. If being chosen means earning something, that is what the Jews must do. As to repentance and expressing regret, all of us must rise above our common enemy, the ego, which is really burning inside of us. If we begin to do this, then we will feel that we are on a completely different level of development and there will be no need for any justification.

What you are doing is natural human behavior, but the wisdom of Kabbalah welcomes only deeds that are really directed towards a link between humans.

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