How Can We Become The Nation Of Israel?

laitman_944Question: The people of Israel are basically very egoistic; each one considers himself the center of the universe. Can we expect radical positive changes in a nation where everyone is focused on themselves?

Answer: This is why it is said that the Jews are a stiff-necked people. There is nothing we can do about that. We were created this way intentionally in order to lead the entire world and to give to the world.

We have given the world so much, and now we must give humanity the method of connection and integral unity, and we must be the ones to do so, although we are so individualistic and so far from it.

Question: Who is “we?” In fact, there are 300,000 Jews living in Israel who are considered of “secondary importance” to the state, such as “half-Jews” and mixed families.

Answer: We do not refer to a people on a genetic basis, but to the people founded on the basis of a 3,500-year-old idea first introduced by Abraham in ancient Babylon.

Question: Who is considered the nation of Israel today?

Answer: There is no nation today. What we call our nation are only people who have reminiscences (Reshimot) from previous generations and who have carried the idea of unity throughout human history. This genetic intellect awakens in them today and demands the attainment of the meaning of life.

There are people in whom the question about the meaning of life is still dormant, but it can appear in people who never have been related to the Jewish people. This means that according to the wisdom of Kabbalah a Jew today is someone who feels an inner desire to discover the meaning of life.

If we unite according to the method of connection and integral unity, not only in Israel but all over the world, there will be no problems.

Question: This implies that basically the entire world can become Jewish.

Answer: It must be so since we are not speaking about nationality. A Frenchman, for example, can be a Jew in ideology.

Question: I am for the idea of seeing all of the people in the world as part of the nation of Israel, but it seems that in Israel there are those who do everything to deny people the right to be called Jews.

Answer: We must establish a different absorption system according to which we can accept all those who want to come here. We will examine their readiness for unity, for connection of equals with everyone, and if a person agrees to that, it is a sign that he is a Jew.

Question: But we cannot base our policy on that.

Answer: I don’t see any special policy here. I see a mass of people who are called a nation that is totally divided. It reminds me of nuts in a bag who don’t want to connect, and it is only the bag that connects them and keeps them together.

Therefore, it is not a nation, not a state, but as the Arabs say, “a temporary Zionistic entity.”

If we were like all of the other nations, internally connected by our natural genes, we would be a state, but we are not connected at the moment, neither by genes nor by ideology. So, there is no nation.

We cannot get along and live with each other, and we only get along when we are pressured from the outside and become like a bag of nuts. However, it is impossible to live under external pressures for a long time since these are merely sufferings and nothing more. What we need is to reach a balance of forces.
From the Webinar on 1/13/16

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