North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb

Laitman_049_02Question: As a result of testing a hydrogen bomb in North Korea, an earthquake occurred in the territory of Korea and Japan. Japan immediately announced that it was imposing sharp sanctions against North Korea, and panic also prevails in the south.

North Korea justified its action saying, “NATO and America are training near us and we want to defend ourselves.” The question is, where is the world heading?

Answer: The fact is that the world is not ready for a confrontation with North Korea. As long as the world is not united, it cannot defeat even a dictator.

This is because any dictator, no matter how small he is, has great strength of will, and since all the rest of the world are separated from each other. Each has their own plan in mind of how to organize this and therefore, they will not be able to win.

We have reached a stage in which only thought wins, and at present it is disunited. So, to the degree that large nations enter into this, to the same extent, they weaken themselves.

As a result, in the present stage, I believe that North Korea is invincible. It will continue to develop. The people will suffer, but will remain proud of their isolation, hunger, and wretchedness.

Just give a person an idea that he needs to live this way, and this idea is sustainable when it generalizes people. Even if they don’t have what others have, this is not important. They fill their bellies with what there is, and the main thing is the atmosphere that he has at home. Nothing else matters.

In Russia, for example, even though today many live in large and wonderful apartments, they nostalgically remember sitting in a small kitchen with a guitar, vodka, and sausage. If the soul of life disappears, what is the point in living?

People today aren’t satisfied, and we see how various values from the old Soviet world gradually are returning. From this, we also can understand North Korea. People have something from which they can derive meaning.

The future lies in the program of creation. When the goal of nature is attained, a person exalts its program and evolutionary formula, and how to develop becomes clear.

Nature aspires to unity and pushes humanity toward this as well. If we understand this and go along with the program of nature, we feel no resentment, neither on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, nor on the level of human society.

It is only in this way that everyone will reach a state in which they will be concerned about the general system of connection with each other and will achieve everything within it. This is because life balances specifically through the union of opposites.

I wish us all success in this and a good year!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/6/16

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