Drama On The World Stage

laitman_202_0Question: In general, it is considered that the greatest power is the nation, the second power is the communications media, and the third publicity. Is this what influences the world?

Answer: No. That’s the way it seems to you.

Everything that seems as if it exists to you: the communications media, government, publicity, the whole world, all of it is a stage upon which a performance is played out. And who is its director?! These are two forces, positive and negative, between which we can create a balance.

But we don’t create this balance, so unfortunately we see a constant dramatic presentation that we could transform into something normal and human, providing happiness, confidence, and inspiration.

Through our unity, we could influence the government, the leaders of the nation, simply changing their minds! They are no more than performers. Where do their thoughts come from? From where do their desires appear? From where does today’s situation come from? How does all this become integrated into the world? To discover this, we must rise to a level where the creation of the whole system of management happens.

Question: Suppose that I like this idea, I even agree with it. Another five people agree with me. Then what?

Answer: Nothing. It means that you will be beaten as long as the rest of the seven million don’t agree with you.

Question: Why would I sentence myself to such suffering?

Answer: You have no other choice! The system of the world management is arranged to bring all of humanity to an integral connection between them; all of nature is linked to this.

Humans have spent so much time outside the general laws of nature that it is now necessary to understand and recognize the evil nature they began with—egoism. But freedom of choice was given to them specifically so that they would reach balance consciously and not through blows.

Before humanity became a small global village with an interdependent economy, trade, science, culture, and so forth, this question didn’t exist; they had to become integrally linked. This began in our day because we grew and became locked together into a single system.

We influence the climate, all of its life, whatever you want! All of us are in a single mass, so we must reach a good common understanding.

Humanity has begun to think: how can we do this? This is the concern of every leader because he sees that he cannot control the situation. Even America depends on everyone. How can they do what is best for them? They cannot do this in any other way! This is because the entire system is falling apart: Everyone is an egoist; every nation pulls in its own direction. What can you do about it? Nothing.

So how is it possible to join everyone together? And they answer: “Oh, these Jews who are sitting in a small nation somewhere can do something, but they don’t want to.” This is what everyone feels subconsciously! And this feeling is just continuing to grow.

And they are right, because in the Torah (the wisdom of Kabbalah) it is said: the entire world depends on us. If the Jewish people would be correctly connected together according to the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), then the same thing would also exist throughout the world.

We must bring the world to mutual integral cooperation, this is the goal of the existence of the world, toward which all of nature is moving. So the necessity to return the Jewish people to their place appeared, so that they would create an integral and connected nation here and would become the guide for this concept to the whole world.

The moment we begin to create a state of good relationships between us, we will immediately become a beacon in the eyes of the world! They will breathe a sigh of relief: “Finally these Jews have started working!” And they will only help us.

Comment: But on the other hand, you say that this is already happening somewhat.

Answer: In the meantime, the recognition of evil is happening in a negative way. We are beginning to understand that we have no other choice; not America or anyone else in the world will help us; the war will not stop and each time will only become more difficult. Upon whom is it possible to rely?

And here the people are gradually beginning to listen, like a person having been hit who becomes more sensitive. But this development through suffering is certainly not desirable.

Comment: But in the nation there are various streams among us: the right wing, the left wing….

Answer: That is all children’s games! You understand that people are puppets on strings; thoughts and desires are placed in their hearts and accordingly that is how they act. Everything is determined only through the connection between us. Only relative to this do we have an influence on history, nature, and the world.

Question: So in your opinion, are you saying that all the people of Israel must learn the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No. They don’t need to learn anything. They just need to reach an understanding that our existence depends on unity and connection.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not a study but a real connection between people that Abraham made 3,500 years ago when he created our people. People from tribes, families, various small nations who lived in ancient Babylon gathered around him and they united above all the differences between them on the basis of a common ideology, and from them the Jewish people were formed.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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