The Law To "Take After The Collective"

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn his article “The Freedom,” Baal HaSulam writes that according to the plan of the upper governance, a person must live in a society and follow its laws. And the law of the life of society is to “take after the collective.”

But does it really mean that one has to comply with the most primitive, ignorant, uncivilized masses, which prevail in the world? In many countries up to this day, people live exactly as they lived hundreds of years ago. They haven’t even been impacted by the technological progress that much; they learned to use only its external benefits and didn’t receive any internal changes from it, no internal culture.

In truth, however, the law to “take after the collective” obligates us to work namely on the collective fostering of the whole world. After all, the world needs to be elevated to the level where everyone will understand that perfection is reached only through total unification. And we don’t have a choice: It’s impossible to instill this by force from above, by some small group of people who wish to make a revolution.

In former times, the world lived under the power of its rulers, but that time is gone. That is how humanity existed during the period of exile. But now, as we are entering the era of correction, the epoch of the “future generation,” it is impossible to live by the old ways.

In the near future we will see that the masses will be increasingly decisive in making decisions, while state leaders and governments will only follow the people. After all, the world has become global.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply all our effort to educating the broad masses so as to raise them to the degree of the final correction regardless of their current level. And indeed, people don’t need to learn some complicated sciences; they only need to know how to relate to each other correctly. On the contrary, connection between people is established not by way of the mind, but through the heart. It is the wisdom of the heart.

The law to “take after the collective” means that we have to turn to the majority, and it is from these simple broad masses that all changes will come, and not from those who possess power, wealth, and scientific degrees. Sages said: “The Torah will come forth from the children of the poor.”

Transformation depends precisely on the degree to which we will raise our collective spiritual vessel (Kli).
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/2011, “The Freedom”

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  1. Our experience with the most recent cosmological information should permit a door to open for all.
    This commonality that will permit to collective to grow is functioning. There are personal issues for many , and their ego is locked in the past.

  2. What comes after the era of correction?

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