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Laitman_115Question: Did your teacher Rabash tell you about the meaning of life right away when you came to him?

Answer: I wish he had explained it to me that way… When I first came to my teacher I asked him after two or three lessons whether I was in the right place in order to attain the meaning of life. I had searched in many places before that and so I wanted to know whether I should spend my whole life studying with him.

His answer was very simple: “Go find out. I am not keeping you and not driving you away, but you should know that you have to check and find out that you are really in the right place.”

He did not try to convince me that I was in the right place to fill my body and soul since I wouldn’t have believed him anyway. This is the reason he said: “Go find out!”

This is what made me understand that I really was in the right place, where I was not being deceived and I was actually being taught the method of attaining spirituality. Later on I discovered it myself and could check whether it was indeed so or not. This is the wisdom of Kabbalah, it gives you tools but all the rest is up to you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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