Cherish The Friends, No Matter What

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the workshops, I try to carry out all the rules, to raise the friends in my eyes, but at some point very negative thoughts come about stupidity and worthlessness. How should I deal with such manifestations of egoism?

Answer: In spite of everything, try to cherish your great friends. In response to these attempts, the Light that Reforms will come. And when it shines, you will see that they really are great.

This requires inner work. I look at the friends: they came to the lesson at night, then they go to work, they have families and children, each has many problems, everyone is tired, exhausted, run down at the end of the week.

Therefore, I appreciate my friends very much. And here I see that I am far from their level of effort. Each of them puts forth enormous extraordinary effort. How can I, not respect them after all this?  It is only with them that I will be able to sail to the spiritual shores, to the new world.

It turns out that it is not difficult to perceive them as great friends.

Question: Over time it becomes increasingly harder to convince myself of this—until I reveal that I simply cannot.

Answer: Of course, one is unable to. I am a zero, a rag (smartoot), nothing. And from this manifests one thing—what King David felt when he stood naked before the Creator and made a covenant with Him. If I descend to the bottom in my eyes, there I reveal my connection with the Creator. And then I can immediately turn to Him and receive an answer.

Question: Does it mean that the flow of the negative thoughts needs to erode so far that I will cry out for help?

Answer: We don’t aspire to this state purposely. On the contrary, I work on connection with the friends, wanting to reveal the unity with the Creator in them, and then I reveal the opposite. But I cannot aspire to that, I must strive only for perfection.

Question: If I feel like a rag, if negativity takes over, how does one move over to the correct aspiration?

Answer: With the support of the friends and without departing from the timetable (schedule) the group follows.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 2/17/14 

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