At The People’s Service

Laitman_043The Torah, “Numbers” 8:9 – 8:14: You shall bring the Levites in front of the Tent of Meeting, and you shall gather the entire congregation of the children of Israel. You shall bring the Levites before the Lord, and the children of Israel shall lay their hands upon the Levites.

Then Aaron shall lift up the Levites as a waving before the Lord on behalf of the children of Israel, that they may serve in the Lord’s service. The Levites shall lay their hands on the heads of the bulls, and make one as a sin offering and one as a burnt offering to the Lord, to atone for the Levites. You shall present the Levites before Aaron and his sons, and lift them as a waving before the Lord. Thus shall you set apart the Levites from the midst of the children of Israel, and the Levites shall become Mine.

If we accept what the Torah says literally, we can see a whole opera here with the Levites standing on the stairs, singing Shir Hama’alot, lighting the Menorah, which illuminates by itself, and so forth.

However, in fact, everything takes place inside a person who must compare and scrutinize everything in order to bring his attributes together into the right schema. When we gather the different attributes inside us, we must put the jigsaw puzzle together in the right order, and when it is ready, it will become the basis of the soul and will begin to illuminate.

When all of the attributes of the soul are collected in the right relationships to each other, when they complement one another and yearn to bestow unto the Creator, the schema we have put together and that we have created begins to radiate Light.

All the energy, all of the upper Light is in this schema from the start, and if we connect all our attributes correctly, it is revealed in it. At the same time, the ego and the inner resistance still remain in us while, above them and actually thanks to them, the revelation of the attribute of love and bestowal, the attribute of unity, begins. This means that the ego, the restriction, the Masach (Screen) and the Light appear simultaneously.

It is written, “You shall bring the Levites in front of the Tent of Meeting…” This refers to a person’s attributes called “Levites” that must ascend to the level of the revelation of the Creator, but they cannot ascend on their own because the Levites only have the attributes of bestowal (GE).

They don’t have any ego or a desire to receive. This is the reason that their work comes down to serving the people, working as the nation’s educators and teachers. On the one hand, they must collect the tithe and bring it to Jerusalem, and then spread out again in order to teach the people. But because they cannot do it on their own, Moses does that by bringing them to the tent of meeting.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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