A Flag – Symbol Of An Idea

laitman_610_2Every camp of the twelve tribes of Israel had its own flag. Degel (Flag, Standard) is from the word “Geulah “(Redemption) and “Ledaleg” (Leap), for the people of Israel went out to the wilderness to move from one level to another.

When they began to move, they raised a flag above them, a symbol of the goal that was placed before them. It is impossible to advance without this; there must be a most serious motivation!

In spiritual work, a flag symbolizes the idea of elevation above our ego, absolute dissociation and complete detachment from the ego, using it intentionally for the sake of bestowal. So it is also in the physical world.

For a nation, the flag is a symbol of an idea, like a root and branch. Everything that exists in the spiritual world is reflected in our world, and the person acts this way in spite of himself, even without knowing where this is coming from.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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