The Jews Are Guilty Of What?

laitman_560Unconsciously the nations of the world demand the Kabbalistic method from us. This even began in ancient Babylon when we disconnected from the rest through our method of existence and seeing the structure of the world and its purpose.

We began to perceive the system of nature from within ourselves as it truly is, and we began to feel that there are two opposing forces found in nature: positive and negative. Both forces come from the same source, but awaken relative to us as different. Thus, we can work with them,  and with their help learn about the part of nature that is concealed from us called the upper world, the system of management, and enter into it so that we are influenced by it through our mutual action. And it already is influencing the entire world.

But there is a problem. If we influence the entire system of management correctly and it influences the world, we seem to bless all of humanity. But if we influence it incorrectly, not connecting between us sufficiently, then ultimately we have a bad influence on the world. In other words, it appears that we are to “run the world”.

Comment: So the influence of the Jews on the world is not done directly, but through the influence of the higher power?

Answer: It is not important how it is implemented. The main thing is that the nations of the world feel their dependence on the Jews, and this is what they cannot tolerate! And if things are bad for them, then we are to blame! This is the source of hatred, because the world is in a terrible condition. And the Jews are always guilty because they have the possibility of influencing the world through a higher power that they don’t understand: It has no image, it is impossible to perceive, it is impossible to appease, it is impossible to bring it a sacrifice, it is impossible to do anything with it.

So how is it possible to at least get along somehow? There is no way!

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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