Maslow And Baal HaSulam’s Pyramids

 Laitman_115_05In the News ( “…The uniqueness of Maslow’s theory is that he treats each person in terms of a hierarchy (superordinate structures) of needs, the apex of which is the need for self-actualization. It defines self-actualization as a man’s desire for self-actualization, to actualize his potential. This desire to be what the person should be.

“Moreover, as noted by Maslow, self-actualization is not determined by social roles, status, position. For example, one person self-actualizing as the perfect parent, and the other as an athlete, and the third as an artist, and so on. Nevertheless, a significant role in the development of personality Maslow assigns social environment.

“The basis of the pyramid of needs are physiological needs: the need for food, sleep, etc. Above these is built the need for security, stability, freedom from fear, anxiety and chaos, a need for social structure and order. Above the need for security, Maslow puts the need for belonging and love, and above it – the need for respect and recognition. The top of the pyramid, as has been said, is the need for self-actualization.

“One of the most frequently asked questions: Why is it a pyramid? Maslow believed that only individuals reach the top of the pyramid and become self-actualized, i.e., reach their identity or self. Most people operate on the level of satisfying their physiological needs. Part of humanity meets the physiological needs and security needs, that is, feeling well-fed, clothed and sheltered, the other part, except those needs, meets the need for love and belonging. Then there is this group of people, which reaches the level of acceptance, confidence, a sense of the importance of private utility.”

My Comment: Baal HaSulam’s pyramid is a pyramid of corporeal desire— food, sex, family— bodily desires, and the needs for wealth, honor, knowledge—social desires—next, above these desires is the desire to attain the meaning of life, the source of life, that appears in a person from Above in the form of a Reshimo, an informational gene of his previous spiritual state. The Reshimo leads a person to a teacher, a Kabbalist, and under his guidance and instruction one discovers the 125 levels of the spiritual attainment, until he reaches the top of the ladder, the state of the complete correction of the ego and the resemblance to the upper force.

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