Do Philanthropists Have A Soul?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do philanthropists have a soul?

Answer: Philanthropists do not have a soul, none of the common people do. About 10% of humanity have a natural inclination to be altruists and share with others. They receive pleasure from giving and do so.

Question: How do they differ from those who have attained their soul, i.e., those who truly bestow?

Answer: The soul is part of our desire to receive, to enjoy, which is corrected so that it bestows to others. Philanthropists have not corrected themselves and don’t have a soul. They fulfill the desire inherent in their ego—to receive pleasure from giving to others. However, this isn’t considered a desire to bestow. It is the same egoistic desire to receive and enjoy. After all, they behave that way since they feel pleasure in doing so.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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  1. how many of those Philanthropists hear when they wake up in the mornings “have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?”

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