A Kaleidoscope Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to separate the desire for wealth from the desire for money? According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first desire is the desire for wealth, then the desire for control, and only then the desire for knowledge. Today, money is everything: If I have money, I have health, wealth, knowledge, and control. It follows that money is the highest expression of a person’s desire.

Answer: Actually, every phase in our evolution is expressed differently in the hierarchy of needs. In the past the primary desire was the desire for a family. A home, a family, and relatives were the basis for everything. This is why several generations of the extended family lived together.

Until then the provision of food as a basic source of energy was very important. But because our desires change all the time and are in constant movement and combination, the next desire was the desire for sex. Previously it had an important place in man’s evolution, but today we can say that this desire is being replaced by others.

The desire for wealth is also gradually disappearing. In the past people were ready to sacrifice themselves to attain wealth, but today it’s quite the opposite: The ego has become very lazy. A person prefers to know the reason and the meaning for something first. He doesn’t feel like working twenty hours a day in order to make money.

In the past people traveled to different places in search for wealth. They were ready to work hard all their life only to climb the ladder of success, from a simple man to a great manager. But today this idea doesn’t attract young people. The question about the meaning of life arises in a person first: “So, what’s next?”

Question: Young people may not be attracted to it, but for those who control the world, money is everything.

Answer: We have to understand that the world is built as a totally different system, where 90% of the population are  at the bottom. They are totally managed and they don’t even suspect it. They are being manipulated by various systems of control, mass media, and other means. They are in a system built from above.

Ten percent of humanity are those who control all the systems. Then, according to the hierarchy, there are ten families (clans) that control everything. But it isn’t a question of wealth at all since hundreds of billions of dollars are in their hands. These are people who print money if they need to. They have a totally different standard of control.

This pyramid is very rigid. You cannot break into the system of control even if you are a very talented person. Reaching the top is practically impossible, unless you suddenly marry into one of these families.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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