From External Hearing To Internal One

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo the degree that a person feels the importance of the goal, he is ready to forego everything that prevents him from reaching it. But it takes time until he begins to hear what is being said because the heart is what hears and not the ears. He can go over what is written in articles many times, yet he doesn’t hear. Then he begins to hear, but doesn’t understand. After that he begins to understand something, but doesn’t absorb it. After that he begins to absorb it, but meanwhile it does not touch his desires.

When it finally penetrates into his desires, he begins to compare what he had with what enters his desires now. He begins to calculate and decide what to do, to clarify which desire is preferable: Which is more worthwhile, eternal, equal, and so forth. So, he decides whether he is able to abandon his current self, his ego,whether he can empty a place for another within himself—is he obliged to do it, does he want this or not?

After this he already begins to act on his choice, wanting the external environment to influence him as much as possible so that he can make a calculation within his heart regarding the good of the other and not his own good. All this has to be with his agreement, by his free choice, above his previous egoistic desire. In this way he advances towards the goal.

Therefore, we see many people who learn are allegedly together with everyone, but they still hear only with “external hearing.” It may take years before this enters them. Some begin to hear only after 10 – 15 years, and others much faster. There are all kinds of reactions from the soul for essentially it has to do with its correction.

So until a person realizes the need to transform his private inner essence to the collective  much time will pass. This constitutes the hardest part of our work, the most difficult first step. After this a person only increases the desire to bestow, but first he needs to establish and consolidate it, to put it on top of the mountain, above his ego, and this requires great work. One can only ask here for patience and a little submission, which is what helps us.

Thus, we have no basis to be angry at people who hear about this method of integral education yet don’t know how to implement it, to explain it to people. It’s not yet the time for them to absorb it internally. There is a difference between an ability to hear and the ability to carry it out.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/13

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