Clearing The Congestion In The Way Of The Light

laitman_750_06Baal HaSulam,” “Only Goodness and Mercy”: Only goodness and mercy shall follow me all my life. We know that all the worlds are like onion peels one inside the other and this world is inside them like a point. It turns out that all the lines and pipes of abundance go through this point, like the round lines of the organs on top of the central point, from the beginning to the end, all meet at one point. This is the matter that Israel bring abundance to the worlds since the pipes and lines seemingly end and are clogged in their meeting point in this world, the world of shells, and therefore the abundance for the worlds that goes from the beginning to the end through this world is seemingly blocked.

This is the power of the righteous who designate matter and form, each on his own level, and thus correct the pipes and the lines that reach one another and convey the infinite abundance and the great brightness to all the worlds. This is the meaning of only goodness and mercy follow a person all his life, so that they should serve as a place for it to go through.

Israel is in the center of all the worlds and it turns off or on the pipe of abundance and its flow to all of humanity and all the worlds. If we don’t make enough efforts, the flow of Light is blocked and only a minimal spark is left which is necessary for the existence of the world, which means a small force that keeps the creation alive. Everything else can be attained only by our exertion.

All of humanity has to be corrected as it changes its nature from receiving to bestowal. In fact we change our intention from in order to receive to in order to bestow and thus acquire the attributes of the Creator who is all of reality. Baal HaSulam describes reality as a system in which there are pipes, circles, and straightness.

All of humanity has to change from egoism to bestowal because it is thanks to this that it acquires the Creator’s attribute, identifying and connecting with all of reality. There is a pioneer force in humanity called Israel according to its intention of Yashar El (straight to the Creator), which leads all the rest.

Abraham discovered all these elements back in ancient Babylon and told, explained, and taught all the Babylonians. Yet only a few of them responded to this invitation that humanity received from nature, from the Creator. That’s the way it should have been.

This small pioneering force has to carry out its mission with great responsibility. Israel has to be the pioneer of the correction and to pave the way for everyone else.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/14

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