Real Love And Not Hypnosis

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will an integral system help me cope with fear? Now I know only that I have no money in my wallet.

Answer: First, it is important to establish a proper relationship with family members, then with the environment. A person depends on the environment. All that is in his apartment was obtained through society.

Each individual is dependent on society and cannot be disconnected from it.  So let’s see how we can tie ourselves to the society so that everyone feels comfortable and, at the same time, feels responsible. Then there will be more confidence.

We must introduce a question of reciprocity between money and egoism and a requirement to be considerate towards others. Otherwise we would eat each other, like a cancer eats an entire body.

All this has to be explained gradually, attracting the evidence of scholars and the media so that a person would learn it in its entirety. We’re talking about feelings, the ones that gnaw at us and are impossible to neutralize with money: fear, worry, uncertainty.

Question: Why can a society give me, as a person, the warmth and confidence, which I myself cannot achieve?

Answer: Confidence, warmth, love, and a pleasant sensation are received from the outside, and depend entirely on the environment, and never on one’s self or one’s inner feelings. We can influence you so that we can take you through all the senses, from one extreme to the other. We will fill all of your bodily material desires with the optimal basket of consumption and all your human aspirations above this basket. What else?

A person should be able to keep himself in the inner equilibrium, inner harmony, and to feel good. Can it be completely healthy? Yes, and is due to the positive vibrations that emanate from society. And this is the real state, not an illusion or hypnosis.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/3/14

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