What A Pleasure It Is To Delight Others!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur advancement along the spiritual path is divided into two phases. During the first phase, a person cannot and is unable to connect himself to the Creator, and the Light doesn’t have much influence on him. In the second phase, he begins to feel that there is a certain connection, a certain relation to the Creator, thanks to the influence of the Light.

He doesn’t really understand where it comes from, but he begins to notice it. It is just like in ordinary life when you don’t notice a certain person and all of a suddenly he becomes important to you and you begin to think about him and take him into account. The same thing happens with the Creator. A person begins to assess the states he is in, to check and examine whether there is any connection with the Creator, if it will delight Him, if He will enjoy it, and if He will respond to it.

Just like in any other process of development, the change is the result of the influence of the Light that Reforms. A person begins to pay attention to whether he relates to the Creator in any way in his actions and thoughts, how the Creator relates to him, and whether He is happy and enjoys it.

Here the image that he has of the Creator is important: Does he identify the Creator with the attribute of love and bestowal that is revealed in the public, in the people?

Baal HaSulam, Shamati #19: Also, one needs to conduct oneself with the will to receive and say to it, “I have already decided that I do not want to receive any pleasure because you want to enjoy. This is because with your desire I am forced to be separated from the Creator, since disparity of form causes separation and distance from the Creator.”

This determines what side a person is on. The more important it is to him that the Creator receives benefit, the less he notices his own benefit and the more personal pleasure he receives by delighting the Creator. This becomes the most important benefit for him.
From 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/14, Shamati #19

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