All We Lack Is Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur world has become global. In other words, the principal law unfolding in the universe is the law of a circle. Global means round, as is the globe of Earth.

We have become interconnected and interdependent. And if so, you cannot get into confrontations; instead, you must reach such an order where people will have warm, cordial relationships and become considerate of one another. In fact, what is mutual guarantee exactly? It is when I sign for you, you’re for me, and everyone is for everybody else. And so it will be all around the Earth.

We are moving toward it very rapidly. The speed with which the world is changing confirms it, and the pace of the changes will keep increasing. Very soon we will reveal that ours is not the only country that can solve the problems by way of mutual guarantee. Moreover, if you resolve them while sitting at the “round table” together with all the others, you feel internal, emotional satisfaction thereby.

They look at you with respect because you have compromised in some small degree because you start to consider the interests of others. A wave of warmth washes over you from within, and you feel safe; you are together with others. This way you begin to reveal the inner power present in this oneness, similar to the upper force.

Very soon, the whole world will see it since in truth, all people involved in protests need only one thing: love. It’s just that they cannot express it.
From the Lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 8/19/2011

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