Preventing A Third Intifada, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the moment the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed to a group of people called the Israeli nation, this nation became responsible for everything that happens to humanity and to all of nature in general.

Israel is responsible for every process in the general evolution and for the fact that all of nature should go through different, perfect phases in the course of advancing towards the ultimate goal.

If there is any distortion and this form is no longer perfect, it is Israel’s fault. They then must feel the stronger influence of the forces that evoke it, forcing it to wake up and bring all of humanity to a state of harmony once more..

This is the perspective from which we have to look at all problems, especially current problems and every event in the entire history of humanity. We should understand that all the intifadas and the anti-Semitism in the world stem from our delay and from our insufficient participation in the evolutionary process of the world. We should have started to pull everyone towards connection and unity a long time ago, starting with all of the Israeli nation and then all of humanity. We should have helped humanity become more connected and united and closer to the perfect ultimate form.

Question: Why do you think we are in a delay?

Answer: We can see it by the pressure that is put on the Israeli nation. The Israeli nation is a clear index. If there is an eruption of violence, it means that we are behind in our correction. We actually summon the imbalance of the positive and the negative forces that cannot reach a state of balance between them by our delay and our refusal to bring the system to a state of harmony at any given moment.

All of humanity is in the middle between these pluses and minuses, between the evil inclination and bestowal, the Creator, and the pressures that affect all of humanity and through it, the Israeli nation. It is actually Israel who has to bring all the others to the perfect form.

This is the reason that it hurts me so to see the eruption of terror, but we have to understand that we are the only ones to blame for what is happening. All the nations of the world only carry out the orders of nature’s forces. They have no freewill and they don’t determine anything. This is the reason that we cannot expect them to correct the situation.

It is fundamentally wrong to expect that the Americans or the Europeans will be able to bring peace to the world or that the Arabs will suddenly change by themselves. We have to think only about how we, Israel, take command and control of nature’s forces and arrange the connection within our own nation.

We are not required to establish connections with anyone, neither the Israeli Arabs, nor with our Arab neighbors or the UN. We don’t need to think about others in order to do our job. This work is done within the Israeli nation. But to the extent that we connect among us internally, the power of this wholeness, the unity, the connection and the love, will pour through us unto the whole world and all of humanity will suddenly begin to calm down and connect.

Then the whole world will come out of the global crisis it is in and all the disputes in the UN and all over the world will come to an end and everyone will quiet down, unite, and hug. It will be a wonderful good state, one great global commune, and it all depends on how the Israeli nation establishes the internal relations between its people.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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