Healing Through Pain

Laitman_198Question: Pain is one of the common indicators we are confronted with when talking about health or its absence. We strive to be released from pain in all possible ways and methods. However, certainly, doesn’t the mechanism of pain have a function?

Answer: First of all, when we are talking about some phenomenon, we must understand its origin. The source of the nervous system, like all systems, all of matter, life, and creatures, is the desire to receive. Primitive organisms have no nervous systems, but only a kind of transfer of acids and electric fluctuations characteristic of atoms and molecules.

To the degree of the growth of the desire, a body develops unique systems within it that are concerned about its well-being, health, and feeling good. On a particular level, together with the other systems in the body, the nervous system develops.

Systems of good and evil support each other and pain protects us. Without pain, I would not feel my hand nearing fire or that some disturbances are happening in the body. So, remedies for relieving pain are, in fact, contrary to nature.

Pain develops on several levels. Sometimes, it is difficult to separate physical, corporeal, and mental pain, pain from the past, the present, or future, my pain and the pain of someone I love or hate. Here, we suddenly begin to exit our bodies and participate in the feeling of pain or its opposite, happiness, in external systems according to the degree of connection with them, regardless of their being good or bad.

Why must lovers fight sometimes? Why is it impossible to live like two angels on a rosy cloud? This is because, in this way, they can feel the limitations between them and their degree of penetration into each other. Pain contains a lot of information, like an electrical discharge through which it is possible to convey great amounts of data.

It is clear that we are linked with each other through our physiological systems, but, among them, there is a particular pronounced complexity to the pain system. It reaches very high levels, moving from physical pain to mental and spiritual pain. Sometimes, depression can be helpful. It never has been as exaggeratedly emphasized as it is today.

Depressive states stop a person and relax him. They are aroused for him to get along correctly where he is, not to get any closer to other people because of the risk of epidemics. Depression now rises from a corporeal level to a mental level and even the spiritual system.

This becomes a big problem for modern medicine that, as far as it seems, doesn’t feel sufficient profitability in this direction, so it doesn’t get involved with it.

In fact, through happiness and good influences on a person, we definitely can heal most illnesses. Without a doubt, this is relevant to modern diseases like cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Question: Is there a difference between pain and suffering?

Answer: Suffering is relevant to systems connected to understanding the source of pain. It is associated with a feeling of guilt, dependence or interdependence on someone. Suffering is more relevant to a state of mind than it is to a physiological feeling.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/9/14

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