The Only Way Out

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends,

I decided to address you in these difficult days because I feel that now we have a real opportunity to not only stop the war, but also to prevent all future wars.

That feeling of unity that has awakened in our nation today has deep roots. Our nation gathered around unity. It carried unity throughout its history. Precisely unity has allowed it to survive the most difficult times and return to its homeland.

And today, when there is a sense that the war is at its end, the spirit of unity among the people is beginning to wane. Right now, we need to do everything possible to hold and strengthen it.

Only unity can create a real dome of security around our country and draw respect from the entire world. Only unity will give us the long-awaited peace and confidence in the future.

The future of our children depends on our decision to unite.

I embrace you all.

With respect,

Dr. Michael Laitman,

President of the International Kabbalah Academy.

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