The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 31

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein:

A Desire – It Is Matter

Let’s go back to the primary creation—the desire. We figured out how the desire appears and how it developed after its appearance.

Doubt may surface that the desire is primary. However, it does not bother Kabbalists, since in any case, it is the desire that determines the individuality of any object.

“And of course, it makes no difference whether this force, being the will to receive, is a result and a fruit of the material that had produced it through chemistry, or that the material is a result and a fruit of that force. This is because we know that the main thing is that only this force, imprinted in every being and atom of the ‘will to receive,’ within its boundaries, is the unit where it is separated and distinguished from its environment. And this holds true both for a single atom or for a group of atoms, called ‘a body.’  (Yehuda Ashlag, “The Freedom”)

The consequences of the primary four phases of development of desires we can see everywhere.

“That force, the will to receive, is present in every element of reality, as we have explained above. Also, all four types: still, vegetative, animate and speaking emerged from them.” (Yehuda Ashlag, “The Freedom”)

The desire to bestow upon the Creator (Nature) was further manifested in the following way.

“And if we define things by their own names, using the concepts that will cause no errors on any side, then we need to distinguish two forces—negative and positive. In the mechanism of natural human development they act as ‘egoism‘ and ‘altruism.’

“I am talking about not the ethical meaning of these concepts, inherent in everyday language, but only their material part.

“These forces are present in all parts of reality, in each in accordance with its essence, as well as in man, in accordance with his essence.

“They are the primary motives of all human actions.” (Yehuda Ashlag, HaUma [The Nation])

Experience suggests that altruism cannot be taught as it cannot be learned. Meanwhile, the “altruistic” method exists. We will talk about it later.

And finally, the main reason that this book was written.

“It turns out that when humankind achieves its goal, with respect to the success of the bodies, by bringing them to the degree of complete love of others, all the bodies in the world will unite into a single body and a single heart, as written in the article, “The Peace.” Only then will all the happiness intended for humanity become revealed in all its glory.” (Yehuda Ashlag, “The Freedom”)

We are talking about perfect unity with the Creator (Nature).

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