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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If only a person who has the point in the heart has the freedom of choice, does this mean that one must not demand for others to change? This means that everything depends on us?

Answer: We do not demand anything! I always keep repeating that Kabbalah needs to be disseminated in a very discreet manner. It’s only for those who want it.

We should not solicit those who are not interested, “There is no coercion in the spiritual!” We only need to show to those people who already have acquired the desire for spirituality, “the point in the heart,” that they have a place to go with this desire and develop it.

After all, this person feels bad. He does not understand why he does not know where to realize a desire that he is feeling. So, let him find out where he can realize it, and we do not address the rest. Let them stay as they were.

However, in our world, there is a nation called Israel. These are souls that once were on the spiritual level, but have fallen from it into corporeal desire.

They all must study Kabbalah and correct themselves. This is because they have been through the breaking; at one time they already had risen to the spiritual and fallen.

Even if the point in the heart is not awakened in them right now, they still have it, and we must bring this knowledge to them, and especially those who study the “external Torah,” instead of the “inner Torah.” They must absolutely study Kabbalah, and this is the only way the world can be corrected.

There is no other possibility to improve it and free it from all the misfortunes. All the problems in the world happen because of the lack of Light!

The only way to attract the Light to the world is by studying Kabbalah, which attracts the Surrounding Light. There are no other ways to do this.

Kabbalah is the means of connection with the Upper Light, the revelation of the Creator to the creatures, the revelation of Light to the desire to receive. It connects us to the Light. It teaches you to build an anti-egoistic screen.

These are the only three components: desire, Light, and the screen in the middle. All of mankind is on the bottom, the Creator is on top, and Kabbalah is between them as the means of attaining the screen.

This is why anyone who wishes to get rid of all misfortunes needs to try to come as close to it as possible because he attracts the Light by doing this. And the way we will feel in our desires depends only on the Light.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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