Do We Need the Wicked Pharaoh?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What was happening to the people of Israel during these last few weeks when the military operation took place? There was a miracle of unity!

Answer: The force of unity is awakening. It’s the upper force. We are in the period Kabbalists called “the end of correction” (Gmar Tikkun), the last generation, complete deliverance.

The Upper Light approaches us and encourages us to connect with Him. Since we are opposite to the Light; we perceive His closeness as something negative. If we are united or at least make efforts to unite, we regard the Light’s approach as kind and positive.

Various events are sent to us for the sake of helping us reconnect with each other. As the Light descends to us, we have to become similar to It. These events are sometimes pleasant, such as nationwide celebrations of holidays, etc. And disasters and wars are also sent to us.

Both good and tragic events are given to us with only one goal: to push us to connect. Then, the Upper Light, the general force of the universe that encompasses and completes everything there is into one sphere, will have a chance to manifest Itself to us.

This is why we get impressions from both ends: On one hand, we become much more sensitive under the pressure of afflictions and problems. On the other hand, sensitivity allows us to feel the presence of a special force of unity, the upper force that moves closer to us.

These days, all of us sensed that there was a very special atmosphere in this country and that we received a very unusual kind of fulfillment. Our task is to develop the same sensation of unity among us to the degree that wars disappear because of their total uselessness.

If we manage to do so, there won’t be a need to use an external influence that presses us even more in order to make us connect and stay together, uniting because of Hamas. If we unite voluntarily, the external malevolent force that pushes and obligates us to unite would be redundant.

All parts of the system work in synergy. It is said that the “Pharaoh brought the sons of Israel closer to the Creator.” The Pharaoh stands for a singular, general negative force. And soon, we will see how the whole world is becoming one negative force directed against Israel. It will pressure us from all sides and use any possible means to make us aspire to unity.

Approaching the Creator means re-connecting in one general desire and becoming as one man with one heart for the sake of implementing the rule: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” So, do we really need the evil Pharaoh? The entire world is called Pharaoh because in all countries anti-Semitism flourishes and nobody wants to help Israel.

I just returned from a trip to South and North America and Europe, and I can say never before have I felt such a huge universal hatred to Jews. Everybody thinks that the Jewish people are the source of all troubles in the world and that there is no room for them on the face of earth because they bring so many afflictions to everybody.

I was in the US during the time that a rabbi was killed in Miami. As he was walking down the street, someone shot him and walked away. Do you think there was an outrage in the city? Everything was very quiet, as if everyone was in agreement with this.

In the news are only reports that Israel is assaulting Gaza and killing Palestinian children. Nobody says anything about the missiles falling on the Israeli territory. The output from the  mass media is that the Israeli army destroyed homes and killed a certain number of civilians. And what is happening in Israel as a result of the rocket and terrorist attacks is not mentioned. They either say that Israel deserves this kind of trouble, or they just don’t say anything about these events, as if they don’t know Israel is being bombed, as if there is no Hamas, as if Hamas is not firing thousands of missiles into Israel.

Miraculously, all the news gets filtered. It’s not intentional, not someone maliciously desiring to present biased facts. They see it this way and broadcast their vision on all channels; thus, the entire world regards Israel this way!

The world assesses the situation very simply: the people of Israel are bound to be a good and useful force that organizes and unites the world, leading the world to unity, harmony in all parts of nature. Instead, these people cause harm. They regard the people of Israel as the central source of evil in the world.

Each person who lives in this world has a built-in, deep feeling, which is impossible to change. The knowledge is imprinted in everybody as a cornerstone. Therefore the people of Israel have no other way but to fulfill their mission in relation to the rest of the world.

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