Our Connection Is Vital And Possible Only Through The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe whole world can try to connect but it will not succeed. It will only discover an even greater shattering. This long and indirect path, the path of suffering, leads to reaching the same goal as the short and easy path, the path of Light.

On the path of suffering, we learn from our wrong actions until we understand that we have suffered enough and that we need to find another way.

It is impossible to understand the method of connection if you don’t have a spark that is correctly processed and is tied to the source of Light. Therefore, any attempts made by people who don’t know the method to connect will only cause them harm. They lead to complete disappointment, wars, and great suffering.

At a certain point in history humanity gradually advanced by its failures and understood that egoistic connection by new technologies and commerce is not for our good.

This is the reason that earlier forms of connections that seemed to be advanced, like a united Europe, the common market, and international industrial and commercial ties are in crisis today and are the source of many problems.

We feel that everyone tries to be separate, to hide in his corner, and not to take anyone else’s troubles on himself. All the earlier forms of connection now seem to be flawed and this is the real crisis that reveals if a connection is egoistic, it is harmful.

The wickedness of the egoistic connection is revealed to us in every aspect of our life: in society, in the nation, and in the political parties. Let’s hope that people will soon realize this.

Connection is only possible with the participation of Bnei Baruch members, since no one else is connected to the upper source of power, to the Light that can fulfill the connection. It is only the Light that makes us equal, not the people.

All the connections that we make only harm us. It seems that the connection between us will bring about great benefits, but it never ends well. We see this at home, in industry, in the banking system, and various unions. Everything is gradually falling apart and leading this process will be the “united” Europe.

So we gradually understand that the connection between us is vital and that it isn’t done by us but by the Light that Reforms. People will feel that it is vital and possible. It is vital because otherwise we will not be able to survive, and it is possible because it already exists on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, so why can’t there be a connection between people as well? We only need to add our desire to this general integral connection.

Unity is the correct state of human society or people. We can attain it by the help of the Upper Light, but only after we first make the request for it as a whole nation or a whole group.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/07/14

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