People Fate Has Brought Me Together With

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can it be that I receive new vessels from the same friends every time?

Answer: But how do you know who your friends are? They are parts of your soul, but you look at their faces and think that they don’t change. They don’t know anything about themselves either.

You should know that if you encounter certain people in your life, both good and bad people, they are part of your soul. On the whole, all of humanity is your soul, but the people you encounter personally are the parts that are closest to you.

Today I identify parts of my soul from the level I am on in friends from my distant past, in teachers and professors who taught me at the university, in colleagues I worked with decades ago, in a research institute, in a lab, in all the people that fate has ever brought me together with. I identify in them the parts of my soul that I use and will use in the future.

It only seems that you see some physical bodies before you. They are depicted this way to you so that you will be able to connect to them somehow, since you have no other vessels, but later when you have vessels that are a bit more spiritual, you will see spiritual figures in these people and will connect to them on a different level, a bit more internally.

This is how it works. Don’t look at the world as at corporeal bodies. It is only a fictitious external picture.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/14

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