Destruction Or Correction?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery action that is not directed towards unity drills a hole in the collective boat. Actions like these are natural for the nations of the world since they are found in the lower part of the collective soul (below the Chazeh [chest]). In contrast to this, through them Israel causes great damage to itself and to the entire collective soul, because it is in its upper half (above the Chazeh).

So both destruction and correction that are carried out by the people of Israel determine the state of the whole world. And so the people of Israel must relate with great responsibility to their deeds in our world. And someone who belongs to Israel in the spiritual sense, meaning those who learn and want to realize the method of connection, must be even more careful with their actions.

The closer a person is to the center, to realization of the method of connection, the greater is the correction or harm that he can cause.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/14

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