A Painful Wound On The Body Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can it be explained rationally to an educated secular Israeli that the people of Israel have a role and he must be connected to it?

Answer: We begin from this, that we are unique. We cannot solve the problem of our relationship with the world. Since the days of the destruction of the temple, the Jews were like a “corn,” like a wound on the body of humanity. This wound is constantly smarting; so what is to be done with it? It isn’t clear. It is impossible to get rid of it or eliminate it.

Everyone hates the Jews; they all feel they are special, and they feel this way themselves. However, neither the world nor the Jews themselves know why this is so. The biggest anti-Semites understand this problem partially and so do the Kabbalists. The Kabbalists revealed the source of what is happening, and the anti-Semites, as in the example of Henry Ford, are truly affected by an immense spiritual need. And so, in the world is a constant, enduring phenomenon, conspicuous, very strange, and inherently paradoxical. Think about the role of the people of Israel, its activities, etc.

Interestingly everyone that takes up arms against the Jews, that caused them problems and destroyed them, has ultimately suffered defeat and was unable to cope with them. In other words, it is the destiny of the people and they cannot be eliminated until their task has been fulfilled.

But on the other hand, at the end of history it will disappear, will dissolve among everyone and everyone will be as it is; everyone will connect to the higher power. And besides that, the Jews are not a people, not a nation in the conventional sense. For example, any Frenchman can become a Jew and cease being French. But on the other hand, if a German receives French citizenship, he will remain German.

So Jewishness is not determined according to the origin of a person, rather according to his attitude towards the goal of creation. As Baal HaSulam writes, “Every person of ‘Israel’ has a point in the heart inside,” meaning a belonging to the characteristic of bestowal. The person in whom this point has been awakened is joined to the people of Israel.

Question: What is the connection between hatred towards Israel and its role?

Answer: The people of Israel are not carrying out their role so people subconsciously feel that they have stopped the Upper Light that must fill the receptive Kelim. The people of Israel have the Masach (screen); they are the “head.” It is not by chance that the letters of the word “Israel” (ישראל) form the word “Li Rosh” (ראש לי) – I have a head. They must attract the Light to correct all of the Kelim. They are responsible for the entire correction and all fulfillments.

But there is no tangible evidence of this. Anyway, there are a lot of things in the world that are not revealed before our eyes. So there will always be people who deny this approach. They will accept the approach only if they receive “blows.” In general, troubles make us wiser. After all, when a person is thrown into trouble, the desire to receive becomes greater and he sees a connection between things he never noticed before.

In the meantime, even if he doesn’t agree with the explanations that he receives, they still “soften” him and bring him closer to the truth. If after the explanations a person is still not convinced, then after a number of problems he will change his opinion.

So we must disseminate among the people the information about their role. Indeed we also must hear something many times until we absorb it, and then it is still difficult for us to implement what we have heard.
From the 2nd part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7.06/14, Lesson on the Topic: “Unity of the Nation”

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