What The Study Of The Ten Sefirot Is Talking About

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Right now we are studying The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES), Part 2, “The Connection Between Ability and Intention.” I cannot concentrate and relate this to myself and understand it.

Answer: We are a desire to receive pleasure, and the intellect is developed only to serve desire. So as long as you haven’t begun to feel within you what is described, you cannot use these parameters of desire. Will it be possible to use it and with what intention?

But there are people who have the ability to learn, not inside themselves, within the desire, but by constructing a model in the mind. They learn the Talmud “theoretically” without using it on themselves. Unfortunately, that is how everyone is learning today!

But the Torah specifically requires “practical” learning (sensory, within the desire), i.e., on ourselves, on our desire. And as long as it isn’t, as long as you cannot go through this state in sensation, you don’t understand what the Talmud is saying.

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