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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that a person who works in the enterprise of disseminating the integral method cannot organize his own business? Let’s say he also works in a winery. 

Answer: It’s because his main task will be how to make a profit in the winery.

When I work for some boss and come here, then my head is relatively calm. I live here as a volunteer and hope for the opportunity to work here. However, when I have my own business, this is another matter. We are working toward a time when we will not have private businesses. Rather, there will be joint enterprises.

Question: Suppose that a person works for a particular period as a volunteer. We teach him, he goes through our training program and has an internship with us, and we want to keep him busy. What are the conditions for admission?

Answer: He needs to have been studying with us for a few years. He, our friend, is involved with us in all of our organization’s activities: attends conventions, is occupied in some way with content, volunteers with the dissemination of integral education, and so forth.

We are starting to need and are working toward people leaving their former employment and becoming contractors for integral education. Regardless of whether someone makes integral education their full-time endeavor or remains as a volunteer, anyone engaged in working in integral education will need to sign a contract agreeing that they will completely adhere to our ideology and methodology.

Question: If, for some reason, we are not compatible with each other, can we let a person go?

Answer: If the need for the expertise of the person disappears, as a general rule, we let him go. The reason for dismissal can be a lack of professionalism when the person plays so much that he simply stops working and we cannot do anything. For many months, we wait, encourage him, struggle over him, but we see that he has lost interest, has begun to work in a bad way. So, we separate from him.

He also realizes that he cannot take advantage of mutual funds, for those contributions that we receive from people are intended for integral education. We cannot use them without thinking because they don’t come from our pocket but rather from the common general pocket, and therefore, we are not held responsible for them.

I cannot just take this and give someone a double salary. This is not because there is no money. Rather, it is because I need to check from the aspect of the spiritual point of view. What am I doing with this in regard to those people who earned this money and invested it here? Am I acting correctly? Am I responding to their expectations that this money will be invested for a purposeful goal?
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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