Mikhail Delyagin On The Crisis

Opinion (Dr. Mikhail Delyagin, well-known Russian economist; Honorable Professor from the University of Jilin, China; researcher, Moscow State Institute for International Affairs; member, Russian Academy for Natural Sciences, author of more than one thousand published articles in Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Poland, China, India and other countries): “When the historians, economists, sociologists, and men of culture meet together, each one says: ‘Listen, we have a crisis! Oh, also we have one! And also we have one! And we have one!’ Everyone has a crisis. This is happening now because a general change is occurring to all of humanity. The appearance of humanity is changing; our mutual cooperation with nature is changing. It is changing both from the side of nature and the side of humanity.

“From the side of nature there is ‘the law of conservation of risks.’ This is a conclusion that is not provable, but the facts support it. This means that in a closed system, if you reduce the risks in certain parts of the system, then as a result an enormous system risk is created. This means, if we say it crudely, if you reduce the individual risks, the general risk that is typical for that system will not disappear. It is pushed to the general system level and in the end disassembles that system.”

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