The Wisdom Of Kabbalah is The Property Of Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”: Thus, because of their ancestral merit Israel succeeded, and over 400 years they developed and became qualified and sentenced themselves to a scale of merit.

In the course of exile, we face external resistance and reveal the force that does not let us unite, although we want to become one. This force is divided into four layers of Aviut (the “thickness” of desire), and this is what the concept of “four hundred years” indicates. In general, similar breakdowns and measurements stem from the initial structure of HaVaYaH.

If evil, preventing complete integration, is manifested, this means that the sons of Israel had completed the Egyptian exile. This applies to us: If we want to rise to the level of receiving the Torah, meaning the method of correction, then first we must feel ourselves in exile. This growing feeling brings hatred, rejection, alienation, and inability to unite to the three levels of egoistic desire that are called “Egypt” and to the last, the fourth level of burdening of the heart that is called “Pharaoh.” His manifestation is accompanied by the “ten plagues,” and as a result we exit Egypt, meaning feel the necessity to unite in spite of the evil that is being revealed, and flee Pharaoh, ready to receive the Torah.

We are crying, calling, and then the force comes that leads and raises us above the receiving desire. Now we are not in Egypt, we are above the ego, and from this moment on we are ready to become like one. The Light that Reforms affects us, and at Mount Sinai, the mountain of hatred (Sinah), we become a people.

Then, we proceed to the correction of Egypt, begin to “scrape off” this desire, layer by layer, and raise them to bestowal in the property of “AHP on the rise.” At the end, only the “inaccessible” parts of desire (the “stony heart”) will be left in Egypt, which will be corrected last.

So, when the fragments of the general soul of Adam HaRishon begin to connect again, the first who join this process are “lighter,” more sensitive parts. You and I do not understand what type of soul those were who left Babylon together with Abraham and to what source exactly, to what point of the general soul, he belongs. This is the point in the heart Adam HaRishon. In any case, this is the process of correction based on the method of Kabbalah.

Of course, the wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of the highest order belonging to all of humanity, encompassing the entire general vessel and not limited to its individual fragments. It contains the whole reality beginning from the world of Infinity. However, it is used only by those people who can add efforts themselves and accelerate instead of developing “according to schedule.” Without waiting for the correction in their term, they raise MAN, meaning the request, in advance, and help others to do the same. Thus, the wisdom of Kabbalah is the property of the whole world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/6/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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